Former undercover agent in High Point talks bike gangs

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Billy Queen knows the interworkings of the outlaw biker gangs.

The retired ATF agent spent many years undercover including a couple of years in the Mongols biker gang.

“If you’re in that world you got a brotherhood,” said Queen Tuesday.   “But you got enemies and that’s just the way it is.”

Queen says the fighting and killings between outlaw biker gangs does not surprise him but a large number of deaths at once, like Sunday’s shootout in Waco, Texas, does stand out.

“What happened is unusual because of the amount of people that were killed,” he said.

Queen shared his undercover experience in the Mongols biker gang in the 2006 book “Under and Alone.”  Today he still, occasionally, looks over his shoulder.

“I still think about it,” he said.  “I still worry about it on occasion but I don’t let it run my life.”​


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