Yard sale held at home that was site of daycare sex abuse


WAKEFIELD, Mass. — A community in Massachusetts is outraged that the profits from a yard sale on Monday could go to a woman at the center of a child sex abuse case, according to  WSVB.

The yard sale was held at the former home of Marian and John Burbine. The Burbine’s allegedly ran an unlicensed daycare out of the home where 13 children were allegedly abused.

Marian Burbine is still serving a term for reckless endangerment of a child. Her husband committed suicide in jail last year before standing trial for allegedly sexually abusing 13 children.

The neighbors were upset and said the advertisements for the sale were misleading.

According to FOX25, the post on Craigslist for Monday’s sale said “donations go to the family who lost the house,” and neighbors say other posts frequently had wrong numerical address or street numbers which didn’t exist.

Residents told WSVB that people should know where their money is going.

“A lot of people coming down here didn’t know and some people have left disgusted,” concerned resident, Lisa Sawyer told WSVB. “They are selling items of John Burbine’s, and mostly clothes right now back into the community that was victimized.”

The Facebook organizer, Evangeline Brown, would not say where the profits from the sale were going.

The foreclosed home was at the center of a sex abuse case and many of the people buying items from the sale weren’t aware.

The organizer of the sale called police when news crews arrived.

Nearly an hour later Brown shut the yard sale down.



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