Winston-Salem family believes damaged car is because of ‘coffin’ prank

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Various viral trends have hit the Internet in recent years, including the Harlem Shake and many forms of “planking.”

Some of the pranks are just for fun, but others take things a bit too far.

One trend that emerged last year involves people shouting “put ’em in a coffin” and then jumping backwards on stuff, sometimes knocking things over or causing property damage.

Many online videos show people jumping on vehicles, denting the car or breaking the windows.

Pauline Genuino lives in Winston-Salem. Her car is badly dented and the sunroof damaged. Her family is convinced it’s a result of this type of prank.

“The first thing I thought of was the whole ‘put ‘em in a coffin’ prank that’s all over Vine and YouTube and social media,” said Genuino. “I got really mad because if it was for the sake of social media, you just cost people money so you could look cool on your Vine and Snapchat.”

Her mom Daisy didn’t know of the prank until her daughters showed it to her this week. “There was no storm, no tornado thank God, and you have this damage. So why? I don’t see what else it could have been.”

Regardless of how the damage happened, the Genuinos are stuck paying for it. They are waiting for an appraisal with their insurance company.

“That’s not a joke and it’s not funny,” Daisy insisted. “Please talk to your kids and tell them it’s not a joke.”

They filed a police report Monday and believe the damage happened over the weekend. There were footprints and fingerprints all over the car, they said.

In the meantime, Pauline is planning to get rides to her college classes and job. She doesn’t want to leave the car outside damaged in case it rains and floods the interior.

Pauline added, “You think this is cool, it’s really not. It’s damaged someone’s property.”


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