Tips for how to protect yourself in the heat

We’re a week shy of the summer season, but the heat wave has already hit the Piedmont.

When it warms up outside it’s important to prepare yourself for the heat — especially if you plan to exercise outside or have your children play outdoors.

An athletic director gave us the following tips: stay hydrated, avoid being outside during the hottest parts of the day and pay attention to how your body is responding to the heat.

When it comes to hydration, having an endless supply of water during this heat is recommended. When you are physically active your body loses water, so it is important to replenish.

The time of day you choose to be active outside is important. It is recommend that you exercise in the morning or in the evening when it’s not as humid and hot.

Your body will give you signs if you are overheating. Trainers say sweating is normal, but pay attention to your skin color.

When you start to turn red, that’s a sign that you’re overheating, so you should take it easy. When your skin color turns white, experts say you should stop physical activity and make sure medical attention is not needed.


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