Heat wave helps business at Dan River Adventures

STONEVILLE, N.C. – Glenn Bozorth with Dan River Adventures says the Piedmont heat wave is good for business.

“We are seeing July numbers. July is our busiest month, and we are seeing those numbers in June with this heat streak.”

Rockingham County leaders don’t want the crowds to stop coming when the heat wave ends.

Billboards promoting Rockingham County’s four rivers are located along the interstates. Plus there are ads at the state’s major airports. Bozorth supports the ad campaign.

“It’s something the county wants to share with everybody. That’s a good way to reach out to everybody.”

Rockingham County Commissioner Mark Richardson says outfitters will collect important information that will help county government determine if the advertising is working.

“We need to know how effective our campaign is… interviewing people… finding out where they are from and why they came here? Where did they learn about the county?”

According to the state, tourism brings Rockingham County more than 500 jobs and over four million in local and state tax revenue.


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