K-9 credited with catching escaped Davidson County inmate

DAVIDSON COUNTY, NC — Nine-year-old shepherd “Valor” has quite an impressive resume. And now he can add capturing an escaped inmate to the list.



The Davidson County Sheriff Department’s K-9 is credited with tracking down Bobby Ray Cabe Jr., who escaped from the Davidson County Jail Monday. Sheriff David Grice said a mistake in intake meant Cabe, who escaped from jail in 1994 too, was not under the proper amount of supervision. While Cabe was fulfilling his jail duties of taking out the trash, Grice said Cabe climbed a ladder, jumped off a roof and ran away.

About 18 hours later, Valor was able to trace the scent of Cabe off of Old Highway 64 near Hedrick Mill Road. Grice said a man called 911 and reported seeing Cabe, who had come up to his home asking for water. Valor followed his scent from that home, chased him and bit his leg until the K-9’s handler, Sargent Adam Gleave, could put him in handcuffs.

“It was an exciting situation,” said Gleave. “Your adrenaline is definitely rushing. You don’t know what’s going to be around the next corner.”

It’s one of Valor’s many talents.

“Seizing kilos of narcotics, finding individuals or evidence, he does it all,” Gleave said.

Gleave and Valor have been a team since 2007. He said the bond between them is hard to explain.

“He’s my partner. He’s been with me for eight years now, every day when I go to work. If he’s not with me for some reason, it feels like there’s a little piece of me missing. He’s my best friend,” Gleave said.

Valor was bred in Slovakia and undergoes intensive training every month to keep his skills sharp. Gleave said Valor is a Belgian Malinois breed – in the same family as German Shepherds.

Of the dozens of successes the two have had together, Gleave said this ranks second on the list.

“I found a missing child one day,” Gleave said. “With Valor. And I put that above anything because that day I was able to return a missing child to their parent, so that was great. So this is number two.”

Gleave said Valor is motivated by praise from him and by being allowed to play with his toy. After the catch yesterday — Gleave said Valor was rewarded with plenty of play time.

“And he even got to jump in the pool,” Gleave said.


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