Make these yummy peanut clusters for your sweetheart on Valentine\’s Day

Full recipe below

Want a sweet snack that is easy to make, packed with protein and a hit at parties? Try these peanut clusters. FOX 2 News Director Audrey Prywitch shares this classic candy recipe from Dierberg\’s Supermarket.


1 pkg semisweet morsels

1 pkg butterscotch morsels

1 pkg white chocolate morsels

2 cans salted party peanuts

Cooking oil

Glass mixing bowl

Wax paper


1. Wet table …lay out large sheets of wax paper. The wax paper lays nicely on the damp area.

2. Dump all of the morsels in the glass dish. Add a cap full of cooking oil & stir it up.

3. Microwave for two minutes then stir.

4. Microwave again till the chocolate is smooth as silk

5. Dump in both packages of peanuts. And stir

6. With a tablespoon dump by spoonful onto the wax paper making cluster size dollups.

7. Let harden. Eat and enjoy


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