High Point couple says family dog attacked by dogs in backyard

HIGH POINT, N.C. — When Rodney King came home Monday afternoon, he found his dog Slainte was bloody and barely breathing in the backyard.

Warning: Images in the video are graphic. 

“I thought she was dead,” King said. “I looked at her — no movement, no nothing.”

Two large pit bulls were standing nearby.

“A white pit bull with spots and a reddish one with spots,” King said.

Rodney and his wife Patricia live on Marywood Drive in High Point where they say two pit bulls got into their backyard and attacked their dog.

“She was in deep shock,” Patricia said. “Her heart rate was very high. Her blood pressure was very low.”

Slainte, a 9-pound dachshund, now has nerve damage to her eye and two deep gashes on her throat. Her liver was also partially crushed.

“It just sounded like she was not going to make it,” Patricia said.

Worst of all, the couple says Slainte has stopped eating and being her normal, playful self.

“Now she’s just withdrawn and quiet,” Patricia said.

The couple says they don’t feel safe in their own backyard.

“We don’t let them go out alone anymore,” Patricia said. “It worries me to think about my granddaughters being out there.”

High Point Animal Control has stepped up patrols in the area but hasn’t found the dogs.

The couple wants the public to be on alert until the dogs are found.

“The danger is there,” Patricia said. “The dogs are loose. They have not been found. And these dogs are a menace.”


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