High Point working to develop downtown through mixed-use area plan

HIGH POINT, N.C. The City of High Point is reaching out to residents about how to draw more people to the city.

Monday, the city held a meeting about its Downtown Mixed-Use Area plan along with feedback from the public.

Market is the time when our downtown is active and vital and exciting and we would like that to be 365 days a year for all of us to enjoy, said Heidi Galanti, Planning Administrator for the City of High Point.

However, as of now, vacant lots and empty buildings are scattered throughout this part of downtown High Point.

So once they tear this stuff down and improve this neighborhood, it’s going to bring a lot of growth.It’s going to bring a lot of people from different locations in the city to the area, said James Wilson, who lives near downtown.

Wilson’s excitement is balanced by a hope that the change will be positive.

Change is going to happen no matter what.I mean if you like it or not.So I guess you sort of got to pray for the best, Stephen Perez said, who also lives near downtown.

Back in April, the city announced that they would build a multi-purpose stadium, which will be in the area of Church Avenue and Pine Street.

However, now they are focusing on what to do with the roughly 130-acres surrounding the stadium.

What we are envisioning in this area is 3-5 story mixed used buildings.Meaning residential, retail, office, restaurants, Galanti explained.

But definitely some new fresh businesses and things would probably bring new life to this area I think, Perez said.

In an undeveloped area, the city along with some that live near here hope this can be a draw outside of the furniture market.

I stay about two blocks away and I’m going to be here every baseball game.So it’s just going to attract different people, Wilson said.


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