Tow truck drivers deal with stranded vehicles in the Triad

GREENSBORO, N.C. — For tow-truck drivers like Steven Dagenhart, the phone calls have been nonstop.

“People just sliding off the road,” Dagenhart said. “It’s been so busy that we had to resort to doing only emergency calls.”

He works for Spotlight Towing in Greensboro where more than 100 calls have come in since Wednesday.

“Cars being stuck off an embankment due to sliding, police accidents where people are sliding into other vehicles,” he said.

They’ve pulled about 15 vehicles out of ditches and off of busy roads in the past two days.

“They’re happy to see us, they want to get home to their families,” he said.

Dagenhart says if you can’t stay off the road, you need to know what to do if your car gets stuck.

He says vehicles blocking traffic or in the road will get towed.

“Highway Patrol will call a tow truck to come pick it up,” he said.

State troopers say if it’s not in the way, they’ll tag it to show its been checked.

But drivers have a deadline to move it.

“It will be towed if it hasn’t been moved in more than 24 hours,” Dagenhart said.

And if there’s more than $1,000 in damage or any injuries, you have to file a crash report, according to North Carolina Highway Patrol.


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